Animoto Videos

    2004 - Imuris, Mexico
Our 39 teammates built a school building, a feeding kitchen with a second story pastor’s residence and a separate church building in this northern Mexico town. But the most popular structure we built (at least for the children) was an extensive jungle gym with swings, monkey bars and an elevated clubhouse. Dozens of children swarmed the jungle gym the minute it was finished!

   2005 - Sonfonia Gare, Guinea, West Africa

Working just outside the chaotic capitol city (Conakry) in the quiet village of Sonfonia Gare on this church building and school building was incredible! Each day our 33 men would leave the hustle and bustle of the city, venture into the heat and dust of this quiet village and labor on the job site, surrounded by scores of curious, local people. It was great to be accepted by village families during our stay there.


   2006 - San Marcos, Nicaragua - Phase 1
This small mountain top town received our MOVE team of 37 men with open arms. This is the largest single project ever constructed by a team, and this is only phase 1. We replaced a primitive “Lean To” roof structure which was open on three sides! The large open sanctuary and side rooms could easily seat over 500 hundred persons. The local church family and community accepted our team like long, lost family returning home after an extended absence – great people!

   2007 - San Jose, Costa Rica
This contemporary two story church structure has a structure deck that supports the 2nd story sanctuary over the first level parking area, with adjacent classrooms and other rooms. It reflects the modern, growing capitol city of San Jose. The steel truss roof has the longest span and highest reach of any MOVE project. The church family rejoiced with our team of 33 men as the church building grew each day.

   2008 - San Marcos, Nicaragua - Phase 2
Only once before has MOVE returned to continue a multi-phased project, but the draw of returning to San Marcos was awe-inspiring! Our 37 men jumped at the chance to complete the rear wing and construct the front wing of the church. It was great to reacquaint with good friends and finish this very large church structure, which will also serve as a vocational school.

2009 - Guinea, West Africa

If you Google Boffa you will find a small coastal village on banks of a large river that is many hours through bad roads from any civilization! This remote church met under trees for many years before our 28 men built this simple, but beautiful church building. Local church members and villagers surrounded the work site each day to help and watch the progress. Many relationships with the church family were established, bridging the English to French (or tribal SuSu) language barrier. This is our most remote location – no running water, no electricity, no real bathrooms… interestingly, but incredible!


   2010 - Quisqueya, Dominican Republic
This church met in a small, irregularly shaped “house” before our team of 33 men constructed a good sized structure on the side of this sloping lot. The beautiful façade really brings attention to this handsome building. But the church family is the real appeal to the local community. The days were long and hot, but the fellowship was always warm and encouraging as our guys worked with the local leadership to finish this building.

   2011 - Coihueco, Chile
MOVE completely rebuilt this earthquake damaged church structure which was destroyed in the Concepcion Earthquake of 2010. This new, stronger structure was designed to resist the strong seismic events typical of this region. The church family partnered with our team of 23 men, during our two trips over three months to complete this architectural beautiful building. And our men fell in love with the people and local culture of this charming place.

   2012 - Ochomogo, Nicaragua
Once again MOVE returns to Nicaragua! This time we are in the hot and humid coastal jungles two hours south of Managua. Our team of 30 men built a simple, but attractive 2000+ SF church along a small collection of rustic homes... this is the village of Ochomogo. Long travel to our hotel made the days very long, and logistical challenges due to our remote location made this project quite complicated. The last night’s dedication service with over 150 local people (plus over 75 MOVE guys and others) made this project very memorable.
   2013 - Mare, Guinea - West Africa

42 men of MOVE return to Africa, to the village of Mare. The temperature was around 109 degrees with approximately 80 percent humidity… situations the MOVE men are not used to. Though 20 guys fell ill to these conditions; MOVE pressed on to build a sanctuary building and four classrooms for a new school. These separate structures were constructed using masonry block and clay brick with concrete columns, bond beams and lintels, with wood trusses and purlins, and a corrugated sheet metal roof. Complete with exterior metal doors and windows. The men of MOVE see the hands of God working in the village of Mare.




David Bethany, while working with MOVE, has partnered with Open Bible more than 20 times since 1987